Greg Galbraith for Kentucky State Representative
Endorsements: KY State AFL-CIO, CFAIR
  It's official: Galbraith: 37% (9872 votes), Crimm 63% (17129 votes)  
The Issues

My Answers:


To quickly touch on an issue that is larger than I give it credit here, I believe that Police officials should be allowed to check the immigration status of criminals that have been convicted of a crime.

I do not believe that known illegal immigrants, graduating from High School and entering college, should be allowed in-state tuition to State colleges in Kentucky.

However, I recognize that immigration on a federal level is a seriously complicated subject. I believe that providing a blanket amnesty for illegal immigrants does not send a message that we'd like to send. However, I believe that simply forcing out illegal immigrants is also not an option. Those who have been productive members of society, possibly even paying taxes, should be provided a realistic opportunity to stay in the United States. The terms by which they would be allowed to stay in the U.S. would almost certainly have to be tailored to their specific situation and track record here in the States.

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