Greg Galbraith for Kentucky State Representative
Endorsements: KY State AFL-CIO, CFAIR
  It's official: Galbraith: 37% (9872 votes), Crimm 63% (17129 votes)  
The Issues

My Answers:

Casino Gambling

a.k.a. Expanded Gaming in Kentucky

To get straight to the point, I am in favor of giving Kentuckians a chance to voice their opinion on the issue of expanded gaming, for or against, by placing the issue on the ballot in the November general election.

I believe that whether the average Kentuckian supports allowing expanded gaming in Kentucky, for the most part, boils down to a moral issue. I believe that, if elected, it is my responsibility to allow the voters speak.

In the interest of full disclosure, I support exapnded gambling. Am I aware of the enormous negative impact that addiction to gambling brings to families all around Kentucky? Not personally, but I have spoken with folks who have witnessed what a gambling addiction can do to a family. I sympathize with those who have become addicted, and just as with any addiction, I sincerely hope that anyone addicted to gambling has loved ones around them strong enough to intervene, and help show them the path to recovery.

However, invariably the next question would be: if we allowed a limited number of casinos to be built around Kentucky, wouldn't the problem of gambling addiction rise to even more uncomfortable levels? Well, this may be the case. There are too many factors to consider to really come to a conclusion (how many people, that may have addictive tendencies, currently don't travel to a casino because it is too far; how many people, who may visit casinos periodically now, would increase gambling to an unwise level if casinos were made more convenient; and so on). In fact, this would be an excellent research project to find out how the introduction of the casinos on the river have affected gambling addiction rates in Indiana.
If we plan ahead, and dedicate a portion of the proceeds from gambling to addiction awareness programs, I believe that we can curtail those issues related to introducing new opportunities for addicts around Kentucky.

I find it odd that anyone who opposes expanded gambling in Kentucky never mentions the lottery. Those opposed are up in arms over the thought of adding somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 to 12 casinos across the state when anyone who is predisposed to addictions, specifically for gambling, can usually drive less than 5 miles to pick up a lottery ticket. In the larger cities around the state, most don't even have to go a mile to gamble on the lottery. In my opinion, expanded gaming and casinos aren't the issue. We need to ensure that those who develop, or have had, a problem with gambling have the opportunity to get the help that they need.

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