Greg Galbraith for Kentucky State Representative
Endorsements: KY State AFL-CIO, CFAIR
  It's official: Galbraith: 37% (9872 votes), Crimm 63% (17129 votes)  
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Frequently Asked Questions

Because I'm new to politics I don't have a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions. Therefore, these are answers to questions that I would expect to be on the minds of someone visiting my site.
  1. Why did you decide to run?
    I was tired of seeing so many elected officials go election after election without opposition. I think it is a real shame that our political system has become limited to two parties. A little more fair competition in politics would be a very good thing for us all. Serious campaign finance reform would be the first step towards giving every candidate a fair chance, regardless of political affiliation. But, to get back on topic, the only thing worse than a choice between two candidates that are, politically speaking, polar opposites is no choice at all. When I realized that the incumbent Republican Representative in my district was going to be unopposed, I thought to myself "why not me?".
  2. How liberal are you?
    First of all, let me start by saying that I loathe political labels. I understand the usefullness of labels; it provides a quick and easy way for voters to understand where a person might stand on any given issue. However, I think our emphasis on these labels are a detriment to the political system and the American public. God forbid a politician disagree on an issue with the stated position of the party to which they belong. Our Mothers were right: we are all unique. To expect that everyone of a certain political affiliation all think the same is like expecting meaningful results from a focus group that is comprised solely of a set of identical twins.
    Again, to get back on topic, I wouldn't consider myself that liberal, whatever that means. If I were put on the spot to label my political beliefs, I would have to say that I am a moderate Democrat. Take that however you like. Just read the rest of my website, especially the links on the left about the issues, to find out what I believe. If you don't find what you're looking for, then ask me.
  3. Are you related to Gatewood Galbraith?
    Even though I'm a political newcomer, I've already been asked this question. So, I decided to ask around in my family so that I could answer this question accurately. I found out that, to my Grandmother's knowledge, I am related to Gatewood. The way she explained it, Gatewood and I would be 4th or 5th cousins. When you get past first or second cousins, it gets fairly confusing.

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